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Reliable Medical Information on the Web


1. The Mayo Clinic- a world class hospital's consumer medical information web site


2. Mel.org > Databases > Health and Wellness Resource Center & Medline Plus

        Also available through Mel : Health Reference Center Academic, Nursing Resource            Center, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection, and Psychology Collection

3. Center for Disease Control and Prevention


4. Kidshealth is the largest and most visited site on the Web providing doctor approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence.


The Merck Manuals online – a trusted source of medical information from the Merck Company


The Cleveland Clinic, a world renowned hospital's health information database.


National Institute of Mental Health


HealthFinder – the U.S. government's guide to reliable health information


Harvard Medical School's consumer health information web site

http://www.health.harvard.edu/ (do a google search of harvard health)

FamilyDoctor contains health information for the whole family from the American Academy of Family Physicians


HealthAtoZ.com is a comprehensive health and medical resource developed by health care professionals


Healthline is a medical information search engine. Healthline is solely dedicated to finding medical information online, and it offers medically filtered results developed by trained medical personnel.  

https://www.healthline.com    - use internet explorer for this one

Subject specific sites:

Cancer: American Cancer Society (cancer.org), National Cancer Institute (cancer.gov), Association of Cancer Online Resources (acor.org) and Cancer Care (cancercare.org).

Heart disease: American Heart Association (americanheart.org), National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (www.nhlbi.nih.gov) and Congenital Heart Information Network (tchin.org).

Diabetes: American Diabetes Association (diabetes.org), National Diabetes Education Program (ndep.nih.gov), Joslin Diabetes Center (www.joslin.harvard.edu), and Diabetes Monitor (diabetesmonitor.com).

Alzheimer’s disease: Alzheimer’s Association (alz.org), Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (alzinfo.org), and Alzheimers.gov.

March of Dimes provides trustworthy information to parents and families about birth defects and genetics


Good for images



Britannica Image Quest - through cyberlibrary (ask for username/password)

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