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Day 1

- Career planning & social networking pre-test

- Introduction what is LinkedIn? Key Word = ‘Professional’

    Nearly 50% of LinkedIn users are the final decision makers for their companies. LinkedIn's popularity has grown to the point where it is now the largest network in the world for business professionals.

    What key words come to mind when you here the word "professional"? What characteristics make a person a professional?

    A professional network is a type of network that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature rather than including personal, non-business interactions.

- Your Career starts Here - 1:30

- Quick tour; think about this an an online resume. How will you sell yourself and promote your strengths?

- Video top profile to-do’s

Homework- get on LinkedIn and create an account (use your personal email acct.), take and add a professional picture, professional headline (i.e. "honor students seeking ... marketing position" or "motivated individual seeking internship" or "goal oriented high school senior..."

    Start thinking about the summary statement- this is the main place for you to stand out. What motivates you? What have you done? What are your skills? What makes you unique?

Day 2

- Article "Path to happy"

(starting at paragraph 12/13 re: prof. Photo, settings for activity broadcast, making connections, turn off endorsements)

- Adjust profile settings

- Read over the article 10 tips for students - good for summary, experience sections

- Start working on profile (think of it like a resume... actually, take out your resume...)

    * use power words to describe your activities (google jobs you've had like google "grocery bagger job description" or "lawn care job description"

    * use your resume for the foundation but then tweak it- make it better. Continue to improve upon it from year to year.

Day 3

- Video: University pages and college admissions and (0:00-:58) u

- Explore university finder, rankings, field of study ...  make a board

- Explore companies, groups, pulse

Day 4

- (2:10-3:20) news story on linkedin for high school college bound with emphasis on univ. pages

Topics that go with this: looking professional, grammar, how it can help you if done right or hurt you if not

        Don't cancel out everything you just did- digital citizenship

- Explore jobs and connections

  • Use your real life connections

  • Be consistent

  • Make yourself visible

  • Connect, don’t friend

  • Use your LinkedIn network

  • Don’t connect with just anybody

- End with video (5 min.): One student's story